Hanging Light Bracket: Rail Mount / HB-L:RM


Our rail mounted light bracket, measues exactly 26mm (wide) X 200mm (deep) X 170mm (high). It is constructed from a birch ply spine, fixed between two vertical aluminium side plates. It comes complete with a bakelite lamp holder with switch (from Hoi P’loy), 4m cord and a three prong plug. 

The bulb can be raised or lowered by shifting the cord through the two snug holes drilled in the wooden spine. The bracket can also be shifted horizontally along the wall mounted rail allowing the user complete flexibilty in terms of exact positioning of the light.

Rail not included. (Please see our wall rails to order the length you need.)



We offer three bulb options. Round (as per image), tear drop and tubular. Please include your bulb preference in the ‘additional information box’ during checkout.


We offer more than 40 cord colours. Upon confirmation of your order we’ll send you the colour range catelogue for you to confirm your exact cord colour.